ESGI has extensive experience in Land Remediation. ESGI will provide turn-key solutions for remediation of spills and contaminated land. ESGI has qualified technicians that will supervise the removal of the affected soils and will restore the property to its natural setting.

Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Wholesaler


Spill of 700 gallons of Unleaded Gasoline at the facility


Analyzed spill parameters and formulated a remediation plan

Services Offered:

  • On-site visits to assess extent of spill

  • Onsite gathering of soil samples for lab analysis to define the extent of soil contamination

  • Formulated and submitted initial reports to Emergency Management and State regulators

  • Qualified client to obtain admission to State Tank Fund to pay for cleanup


Formulated and submitted remediation plan and all reports for authorization to remediate the spill to ADEQ

Remedial Activities

     • Phase I & Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

     • Soil Sampling

     • Sampling Analysis Plans (SAP)

     • Remedial Action Plans (RAP)

     • Corrective Action Reports (CAR)

Geologic Hazard Studies

Aerial Photo Interpretation

Geologic Report Review

Hydrogeologic Studies

Hydrogeologic Report Review

Obtain and implement Environmental reports

   and permits in Land Development

Approved for storage tank eligibility determination


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