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Since 1993, Environmental Services Group Inc. has been a leader in providing a wide range of services to an even wider range of businesses. From large national companies, to the small locally owned business we have and currently provide services that meet or exceed state and federal regulatory requirements and fit the companies’ needs and expectations across the United States.


As a full-service Environmental, Health & Safety and consulting organization, Environmental Services Group Inc. provides innovative solutions to fit your business challenges with emphasis on regulatory compliance, as well as cost control.


Environmental Services Group, Inc. is experienced and specializes in providing the highest quality of services from basic safety training courses to large-scale remediation services, to development of the most complex plans required for your company’s needs by local, state and federal agencies.


Environmental Services Group Inc. has grown to a company that can handle the regulatory needs of any size business in the United States. As such, we are committed to provide the highest quality of services available, meet and exceed all regulatory state and federal requirements, and develop a working relationship with each customer to fit their individual business needs.


Paying critical attention to costs and time, Environmental Services Group Inc. understands the challenge between regulatory requirements and business operations.

Gary Ingle


Nancy Farris

Office Manager

Greg Phelan


William Hogue

EH&S Consultant

Scott Everson

EH&S Consultant

Curtis Burrow

EH&S Consultant

Tim McDonald

Vice President

Business Development

Matt McNew

EH&S Consultant

Kristin Burtts

Administrative Coordinator

Wesley Waters

Environmental Specialist




The Environmental Services Group Inc. team is comprised of highly trained professionals who have received the certifications necessary to provide services to meet regulatory requirements.


From certified safety professionals, Certified Industrial Hygienists, Professional Engineers and trained individuals in the required fields of expertise, Environmental Services Group, Inc.’s team can fulfill any regulatory requirement your company may be faced with by OSHA, DOT, DHS, EPA or your state agencies, as well as filings necessary by Community Right-to-Know agencies.


Each team member is assigned projects and clients to fit each individual business’ needs with the proper background necessary to complete the expected regulatory requirements.

Ross Ingle

Project Coordinator

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