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Innovative Solutions For Water Compliance Challenges

Did you know that 80 percent of the world’s water is dumped back into rivers, lakes, and oceans? Water pollution is a problem worldwide, and it only takes a few pollutants to jeopardize the ecosystem. When thinking about the need for a reliable water source, it is important to also think about protecting the water for the future. ESGI helps people understand how this source can be safely preserved. We work with clients to provide innovative solutions for compliance challenges.

The Clean Water Act was enacted to protect our nation’s waterways. In order to comply with this regulation, facilities are required to prepare and implement various programs and plans to control direct, unauthorized discharge of pollutants into navigable waters. ESGI’s staff of professionals provides the following services to support this goal.

- Storm Water Permitting

- Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans

- Spill Prevention Control, and Countermeasures Plan

- NPDES Discharge Permitting

- Discharge Monitoring reports and Compliance Recordkeeping

- Industrial Water Discharge Compliance Evaluations

- Waste Water Pre-treatment System Design

- Permitting of Industrial and Municipal Wastewater Discharges

- Water Quality Assessments

Take action against water pollution. Call ESGI today. 501.663.4731

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