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How To Handle Hazardous Waste Materials and Meet EPA Requirements

It is crucial that the handling of hazardous waste materials meets the requirements of the EPA, for the safety of those containing the waste and for the well-being of the environment.

Identifying Hazardous Waste

Identifying hazardous waste is not always an easy task. ESGI can aid your management team in determining what chemicals are hazardous and aid your team in setting up systems to properly manage and dispose of your hazardous waste. ESGI specializes in hazardous waste characterization by pairing generator knowledge with analytical testing.

Contain Wastes Properly

There are specific requirements on how to contain various hazardous wastes. Everything from what material the containers are made from, to the temperature of their storage needs to be considered. Proper labeling of the containers is required. It can also eliminate situations of unnecessary exposure to the hazardous material, while saving thousands of dollars in fines.

Maintain Stored Containers

Once the material is properly contained and stored, inspections of the site for spills or damage to containers on a regular basis should be integrated into safety procedures. Records of spills or concerns should be kept for the continued maintenance of the site.

ESGI offers a range of services to maintain a safe workplace that will help your business avoid fines from EPA. Allow us to help you handle, store and suppose of your hazardous waste with confidence. Call us today for more information 1.800.887.6752

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