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Client Spotlight: Tim McDonald

For Tim McDonald, Vice President with Environmental Services Group, Inc. (ESGI), a career in environmental remediation evolved after years of extensive experience in the oil and gas industry.  Managing various aspects within the oil and gas sector, which included geological areas of the underground portions of environmental engineering, sparked an intense interest in the environment, eventually leading McDonald to ESGI, where he’s had an expansive role. ESGI, a valued client of REGENESIS, is a full-service provider of innovative solutions for regulatory compliance in the environmental field.

He shares, “The scientific and engineering mechanisms that can be applied to both protect the environment and prevent damage from industrial activity were very appealing, so a move to environmental remediation was a natural progression for me and my career.” In his current role at ESGI, McDonald is responsible for engineering and environmental design work for permit acquisitions that include mining, air, and water discharge.  

When asked what he enjoys most about his work, he feels the steady cadence of diverse and challenging projects provides an ideal situation. He continues, “From different clients around the country to different environmental projects that we come across, the job is always changing and seems to rarely repeat itself. It’s rewarding to accomplish new things our company has never or rarely done before and to feel we have helped our clients, the regulators, and the country as a whole to solve or correct problems that have been a detriment to the environment or human health and safety.”

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