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Occupational Safety & Health Administration

OSHA is part of the United States Department of Labor. The administrator for OSHA is the Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health. OSHA’s administrator answers to the Secretary of Labor, who is a member of the cabinet of the President of the United States. View Website


Arkansas Department of Labor

The Arkansas Department of Labor was given the responsibility of enforcing the labor laws of the state in 1913. Today, the mission of the Arkansas Department of Labor is to foster, promote, and develop the health, safety and welfare of the wage earners of Arkansas by providing services and enforcing laws to improve working conditions and enhance their opportunities for safe and profitable employment. View Website


Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission

The Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission (AWCC) and the laws it administers were created effective December 5, 1940. Workers’ compensation insurance is directed to the moral, social and economic benefits of protecting employers, employees, and their dependents from financial burdens imposed by job-related injury. View Website


Environment Protection Agency

The mission of EPA is to protect human health and the environment. Environmental protection is an integral consideration in U.S. policies concerning natural resources, human health, economic growth, energy, transportation, agriculture, industry, and international trade, and these factors are similarly considered in establishing environmental policy. Health and Environmental Agencies of U.S. States and Territories View Website